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HTML Characters in test error messages need escaping


If an error message contains HTML markup characters then then need to be escaped before being added to the error output or the displayed string is incorrectly displayed by the browser. A suggested fix is to add the following function to the Test class in tsUnit:
 private htmlEscape(str:string):string {
    return String(str)
        .replace(/&/g, '&')
        .replace(/"/g, '"')
        .replace(/'/g, ''')
        .replace(/</g, '<')
        .replace(/>/g, '>');
Then modify the getTestResultsList function at line 95 in tsUnit.ts to read as follows:
list += '<li>' + result.funcName + '(): ' + this.htmlEscape(result.message) + '</li>';
This will pass the result.message through a function to replace HTML markup characters with their escape sequence versions.

Attached is a new version of the tsUnit class with the modifications above.

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